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LED taillight
Written by wkaufmann2000 on 10/26/2010 at 07:58 pm

Am 26.10.2010 21:45, schrieb dl_page:
> The turn indicators were sold as "containing resistors to work with indicator
relay", though in practice, my indicators work at about 120 flashes per minute
(ok, still legal - barely) and turn cancel works magic.
> All in all, not too bad, and gives the alternator a rest, but tomorrow, I may
run off to my local electronics supply shop to find some big 5w resistors and
hook them up in line with each bulb, just to get the turn rate down though...
> Cheers,
> Daniel


you want to hook up your resistor parallel to the LEDs, not in line,
because you want to bring the total resistance down !

In line would increase the total resistance (total = LED + resistor),
thus the blinking rate would increase even more !


Wolfgang Kaufmann (Austria/Europe),
iPCRC # 634
in order of purchase :
PC800 `90, "Mazda Baby", 89 K miles (1992)
PC800 `96, still unnamed, 15 K miles (2000)
PC800 `90, "Harlequin", 53 K miles (2002 - completely restored project bike)
new in my stable:
PC800 `96, still unnamed, 9 K miles (2006)
PC800 `89 - nice little miniature (2007) ! (does this count too ??) ;-) (in German language)

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10/25/2010, 01:38 am
LED taillight
Has anyone used different bulbs for taillights? May some bright flashing ones. Any suggestions on brighter LED Bulbs? I want to be a little safer by doing this. Thanks, Alex

    10/25/2010, 02:11 am
    LED taillight
    I looked into LED bulbs for the tail lights and turn signals late last year. From what I saw then, I wasn't comfortable with using any of them as drop-in replacements on my PC. Various problems like fit, the way the light is delivered, etc,

      10/25/2010, 02:48 am
      LED taillight
      I want to use LEDs where I can so as to maximize power available for battery charging and accessories. These 68-LED towers work well in the rear turn signals. h

    10/25/2010, 04:18 am
    LED taillight
    Alex, I use #2357 bulbs in the tailights to be a little brighter and for the center light I went to the larger diameter bulb, I think it might be #905 but not sure and am not up in the shop, for higher output equal to the tailights. Fre

    10/25/2010, 11:38 am
    LED taillight
    I have LED brake and turn signal lights. I love them. The brake lights flash 20 times a second for 2 seconds and than go solid. I saved a full volt on my voltmeter with them. I plan on replacing the licence plate and rear turn signal lights t

    10/25/2010, 09:03 pm
    LED taillight
    I have them for one season now and I am satisfied but would like to share on how. the picture is at The color

      10/25/2010, 09:14 pm
      LED taillight
      What did you do to make the turn signals flash at the proper rate? Anything special done so you don't burn out the self-canceling turn signal module? And here I was trying to save money this fall! :-) Cheers, Douglas ---

        10/26/2010, 07:45 pm
        LED taillight
        For info, I bought a series of LED signal and running/break lights. Thank you Ebay Hong Kong... For the running lights, no problems (except a bulb I badly installed fell out of the holder and I spent 40 minutes and swearwords in 2 languag

          10/26/2010, 07:58 pm
          LED taillight
          Am 26.10.2010 21:45, schrieb dl_page: > > The turn indicators were sold as "containing resistors to work with indicator relay", though in practice, my indicators work at about 120 flashes per minute (ok, still legal - barel

            10/26/2010, 08:10 pm
            LED taillight
            Hum.... are you sure about that? If you have less load on the circuit (for example a blown bulb that is now open circuit), half the load=twice the flashing speed. Surely you want to increase the load to drop the speed down? Cheers, Dan

              10/26/2010, 08:53 pm
              LED taillight
              Daniel, I am pretty sure ! Of course you want to increase the load, but you do this by lowering the total resistance (=parallel) so that more current can flow, not by increasing the total resistance (= in line). If you have

                10/26/2010, 10:21 pm
                LED taillight
                Wolfgang, It's late and i'm getting confused, you are correct. I'm sorry :) Adding a resistor in series would work, but it would also drop the voltage to the LED and make the bulb less bright - not good for a safety feature! Th