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LED taillight
Written by wkaufmann2000 on 10/26/2010 at 08:53 pm


I am pretty sure !

Of course you want to increase the load, but you do this by lowering the
total resistance (=parallel) so that more current can flow, not by
increasing the total resistance (= in line).

If you have a load of a bulb of, lets say 12 watts, at the PCs
electrical system of 12 volts, this means that the current that flows
through the wire in the bulb is exactly 1 ampere (amperes = watts/volts).
And the resistance of the wire is 12 ohms (resistance = volts/amperes)...

If you put two bulbs in line, you have doubled the total resistance to
24 ohms, which results at 12 volts in a current of 0.5 amperes
(amperes=volts/resistance) - or a "load" of 6 watts (watts = volts *

If you put two bulbs parallel, you have in each bulb a current of 1
ampere, resulting in a total of 2 amperes or a load of 24 watts.

==> if you want to increase the load, you have to put them in
parallel.... ;-)

Am 26.10.2010 22:10, schrieb dl_page:
> Hum.... are you sure about that? If you have less load on the circuit (for
example a blown bulb that is now open circuit), half the load=twice the flashing
speed. Surely you want to increase the load to drop the speed down?
> Cheers,
> Daniel
> --- In, Wolfgang Kaufmann<pc800@...> wrote:
>> Am 26.10.2010 21:45, schrieb dl_page:
>>> The turn indicators were sold as "containing resistors to work with
indicator relay", though in practice, my indicators work at about 120 flashes
per minute (ok, still legal - barely) and turn cancel works magic.
>>> All in all, not too bad, and gives the alternator a rest, but tomorrow, I
may run off to my local electronics supply shop to find some big 5w resistors
and hook them up in line with each bulb, just to get the turn rate down
>>> Cheers,
>>> Daniel
>> Daniel,
>> you want to hook up your resistor parallel to the LEDs, not in line,
>> because you want to bring the total resistance down !
>> In line would increase the total resistance (total = LED + resistor),
>> thus the blinking rate would increase even more !
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Wolfgang Kaufmann (Austria/Europe),
>> iPCRC # 634
>> in order of purchase :
>> PC800 `90, "Mazda Baby", 89 K miles (1992)
>> PC800 `96, still unnamed, 15 K miles (2000)
>> PC800 `90, "Harlequin", 53 K miles (2002 - completely restored project bike)
>> new in my stable:
>> PC800 `96, still unnamed, 9 K miles (2006)
>> PC800 `89 - nice little miniature (2007) ! (does this count too ??) ;-)
>> (in German language)

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