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Strange VIN number
Written by skyeenter on 10/28/2010 at 09:36 pm

Hi, maybe this will help sort through the prob. It could also be a typo from
your DMV.

Note, these will probably not line up too well, It's that ol' Yahoo formatting
again. So you'll have to test your eye balls on sorting it out.

Models and applicable serial numbers

Model Type Area Engine Serial No. Frame Serial No. Carburetor
Identification No.

PC800 '89 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2000070 ~ 2006665
RC341*KM000031 ~ KM000734 VDGUA A
A EXCEPT CALIFORNIA RC34E-2000064 ~ 2006659
RC340*KM000015 ~ KM003896 VDGTA A

PC800'90 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2100015 ~ 2102109 RC341*LM100004
A EXCEPT CALIFORNIA RC34E-2100005 ~ 2103743
RC340*LM100001 ~ LM102558 VDGTA A VGTA B

PC800'94 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2200015 ~ 2201204 RC341*RM200001
~ RM200220 VDGUA B
A EXCEPT CALIFORNIA RC34E-2200010 ~ 2201184
RC340*RM200008 ~ RM200980 VDGTA B

PC800'95 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2300001 ~ 2301009 RC341*SM300001
~ SM300140 VDGUA B
A EXCEPT CALIFORNIA RC34E-2300001 ~ 2300989
RC340*SM300001 ~ SM300869 VDGTA B

PC800'96 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2400098 ~ 2401055 RC341*TM400001
~ TM400221 VDGUA B
A EXCEPT CALIFORNIA RC34E-2400001 ~ 2401052
RC340*TM400001 ~ TM400849 VDGTA B

PC800'97 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2500014 ~ 2500712 RC341*VM500001
~ VM500090 VDGUA B
A EXCEPT CALIFORNIA RC34E-2500001 ~ 2500661
RC340*VM500001 ~ VM500623 VDGTA B

PC800'98 AC CALIFORNIA RC34E-2600001 ~
RC341*WM600001 ~ VDGUA B
RC340*WM600001 ~ VDGTA B

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