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Revving problem after carb sync
Written by dl_page on 10/28/2010 at 09:50 pm

Heck, Phil, you just made my week :)

Just to resume here on the list that answer, cleaned up for readability and
better understanding:

Cleaner Mix

25% Cleaner > Naptha
60% Stabilizer > Kerosine
15% Oxygenate > Isopropyl Alcohol (common Rubbing Alcohol)

The majority of other cleaners are Naptha, along with a solvent (Benzene,

You can Substitute Seafoam's 15% Isopropyl Alcohol for Toluene and get better
results. Most paint stores have it.

You can enhance the mix depending on what result you want to attain, for example

- Skip the Rubbing Alcohol, replace it with Acetone: Same Price, but makes
engine start much better in Cold Weather and SOMETIMES improves fuel mileage, is
Less Corrosive and acts like a Cleaner Itself, and you need to add a smaller
volume to the mix compared to alcohol.

- Add a $5 pint of Toluene in lieu of a quart of Kerosene

- Add 1$ Quart of Auto Trans Fluid to make a Mega Stabilizer.

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> Check out this post on the makeup of Seafoam:

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