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Windshield polishing
Written by skyeenter on 10/29/2010 at 01:19 am

I use Novus. Best I've found. Bought if off ebay from a guy, in all places
Singapore. Talk about carrying Coal-to-Newcastle, Novus started in

It's an easy three step process, some elbow grease, and voila, clear windshield.
I took a gouge out of my Clearview with it. And it was a gouge. Now just an
obscure distortion that doesn't affect my vision.

Good luck. skye

--- In, "William Watson" <watsondna@...> wrote:
> My oem windshield is hazy with scratches and UV damage. Is there any way to
polish this puppy down to bring it back. I have tried those over the counter
windshield polishes. Basically I am at the point of making this one work or
replacing it with a new one. Any suggestions?

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