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Charging system impending failure?
Written by kjp986 on 11/13/2010 at 12:45 pm

Long story short:
I installed a Datel LED Volt Meter about a year/year and a half ago, and until
recently it showed very steady and predictable readings. This week I'm seeing
changes of 1-1.25 volts at steady speeds. Cruising on the highway at 70, I'm
seeing it read 11.9 to 12.4 to 13.1.
Nothing catastrophic yet, but it has me concerned.
R/R? Stator? Connections?
Your thoughts?
'96 PC800 "The Red Fury"
'99 VFR800 "Pancake Meyers"
'01 RC51 "Southbound Pachyderm"

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