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Charging system impending failure?
Written by attitudehats on 11/13/2010 at 02:52 pm

I'd be concerned too. I hate electrical gremlins. How old is the battery? I'd
hope it was that or the r/r. The r/r's get overheated so badly, it's no surprise
to me they fail as often as they do. I've gone thru 4 I think, in the last 5
years of intense stop and go city commuting everyday. Do you have the hotwire
mod on the bike? I have the datel red led meter as well, and I trust it way more
than the other components onboard. If I were you, I'd order one of those
inexpensive Chinese-made R/R's(anyways) with the cooling fins and the metal
backplate pronto, cause it takes around 10-12 days to get wherever it needs to
be. Or if you happen to have an extra one hanging around, swap it out and see
what happens to the readouts.



--- In, "Kev" <kperham986@...> wrote:
> Long story short:
> I installed a Datel LED Volt Meter about a year/year and a half ago, and until
recently it showed very steady and predictable readings. This week I'm seeing
changes of 1-1.25 volts at steady speeds. Cruising on the highway at 70, I'm
seeing it read 11.9 to 12.4 to 13.1.
> Nothing catastrophic yet, but it has me concerned.
> R/R? Stator? Connections?
> Your thoughts?
> Kevin
> '96 PC800 "The Red Fury"
> '99 VFR800 "Pancake Meyers"
> '01 RC51 "Southbound Pachyderm"

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