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Charging system impending failure?
Written by eegah_yai on 11/15/2010 at 12:39 pm

I just had the same thing happen two weeks ago. In fact, I had been planning on
posting about that this week.
I found the plug between the R&R wires and the stator melted,with two wires
melted together inside. And, two of the wires from that pigtail were melted
slightly at the R&R end.
I replaced the stator plug with three Posi-locks, as the wires were too short to
install a new plug, and I replaced the three connectors from the stator, (which
fit inside the R&R plug), using new wire and new connectors. My R&R plug was not
melted, so I -reused it.
The melted wiring had obviously been replaced already, and the job was very bad,
with wires loosely crimped with the wrong tool for open-barrel connectors, and
un-sheathed wire was exposed outside the plug to the R&R. I don't know the
state of the crimps inside the stator plug, as they were melted really bad.
*****Make sure you use the right crimp tool for these connectors (open barrel).
Auto Zone lists a crimper online for about $30. My local Honda shop lent me one
when I bought connectors there. Eastern Beaver sells them for $60.

My bike works fine now. In fact, the voltage monitor stays green at lower (<1000
rpm) rpm than before. As soon as the problem occurred, I did buy a new R&R just
in case, but since re-doing the wiring, the green light is on all the time, even
with heated grips,heated vest, high beam, turn signals etc.
(And I didn't buy one of those cheap $6.98 Chinese-made things, I sprang for the
$21.99 Hong Kong R&R with the special heat transfer back and free delivery-
still waiting for it to arrive).

Some possible causes for mine: All three wires into the R&R from the stator had
exposed wire sticking out of the plug. It may have contacted the screen on the
vent, or something else. I have no idea why I never noticed this before, unless
they had not slipped out of the crimps till lately.
I had installed a new but bad battery just before this, and ran the bike for a
while with it in, till I figured it out.


OK, here is what I have:
> The plug into the RR has one burnt connector that is melted into the plastic.
I got all the connectors out of the plug, except that one.
> Questions remaining:
> Did the connector arc due to a loose connection, or is it the RR itself? It
appears to be an updated part.
> Is the plastic plug available for replacement?
> Not sure how to show a picture of it, but here is a link:
> Kevin

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