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HIDs ?
Written by timdearborn on 11/18/2010 at 03:19 am

Yes, I installed this on a PC800. I took the windshield and air vent off to
have room to work.

If you use the unit from VVME, there are actually 2 boxes to secure. One had a
metal bracket with holes. For that one, I found a screw on the back of the
instrument panel that I attached the bracket to. The other unit I zip-tied to,
ahh, something sturdy under the dash (I think a small metal bar). Sorry I can't
be more specific. The main point is that once you have the air vent off, there
is a fair amount of room under the dash to stash things.

As for the electric, if you get the kit from VVME, there are a lot of wires that
plug into each other, and a bunch that don't get plugged into anything, as the
main unit comes equipped for 2 lights. When the dust settles, you have

1. A three-prong switch that plugs in where the former headlight plugged in

2. A ground wire to connect to the frame somewhere

3. A hot wire to connect somewhere. I wanted the most voltage possible. I
have an auxiliary fuse box, so I ran the hot wire to the fuse box (which
connects directly to the battery). The hot wire comes with an inline fuse, so
you would be fine connecting it directly to the battery if you want. It only
will draw power when the headlight is on.

-Tim Dearborn
Blue Island, IL, USA
'96 Pacific Coast, "Tuppie", 37K

--- In, "Bobb Todd" <bobbtodd@...> wrote:
> Thanks for posting your experience with this. A couple of questions: I take it
> installed this kit on a PC-800. Where and how did you mount the ballast unit?
Are you
> saying you had to run a new connection directly fro the battery to the
> I'm decent at mechanic work on the bike, but electrical and wiring are not my
> ....................
> I think that was TimD. I'm anemic
> Bobb Todd

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