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good cleaner
Written by swiftly1... on 12/7/2010 at 08:03 pm

Bonneville Euro Fork Gaiters

SEL-MOTION Motorsports

Dick MacInnes

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12/7/2010, 12:13 pm
good cleaner
All the plastic is off in prep to do the forks and head bearings. Looking for suggestions on what to use to clean the lower forks.Disc cleaner,Carb cleaner,or my old favorite ,aluminum furniture cleaner? Also looking for a source for Gaiters.

    12/7/2010, 02:43 pm
    good cleaner
    I had good results with Scotchbrite green pads and Simple Green spray cleaner. In really grungy spots, I used the green pads and some Mother's aluminum polish. Regards Phil --- In

    12/7/2010, 05:27 pm
    good cleaner
    There a different types of fork boots/gaiters, including lots of colors. I use neoprene/velcro fork boots on both of my PCs.....easy on and off and they remain open enough to prevent moisture accumulation while protecting the forks......try g

    12/7/2010, 08:03 pm
    good cleaner
    Bonneville Euro Fork Gaiters SEL-MOTION Motorsports Dick MacInnes

      12/10/2010, 09:50 pm
      good cleaner
      They were a tad difficult to install but remembering the old axiom "with perseverance and sweet oil you can screw a cat" I won. Used some hot air gun help (use gloves), and used the plastic tie straps. I did not add a breather hole.