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Trunk latch cable broken(?), Neutral light, Lean angle sensor
Written by pgboyd on 1/3/2011 at 09:57 pm

Check carefully back through all of the trunk latch posts. The left side panel
is the one to remove to see if the cable has separated from the puller. If the
cable is broken somewhere else, you should remove the passenger seat and check
those cables. If the problem is in one of the latches, you'll need to drill the

I haven't had the problem with the neutral switch.

The turn signal lean indicator is a bear to replace from what I've read, but I'm
sure you'll have fun doing it ;)


--- In, "Mark" <mjlucas62@...> wrote:
> I haven't yet taken off the left panel (as suggested in other posts) to see if
I can easily get the trunk open, but if that fails, is it true that there's no
way to get into the trunk other than drilling a hole in the trunk panel? I see
that Bike Bandit has the trunk latch cable assembly for about $55, which is
worth it to me. I just don't want to ruin the trunk if I don't have to - that
would set me back over $200. Ouch! Crossing my fingers for an inexpensive, if
not easy, fix.
> The neutral switch has been not registering neutral when starting. Once the
bike is started and running, it will register neutral- usually. It apparently
gets stuck when the engine is off. I've check the connections and cables and
they all look fine. Has anyone encountered this, and if so, is it worth trying
to replace the switch myself, or just have the dealer do it?
> Finally, the lean angle sensor for the turn signals is also not registering a
lean. I'm not finding the cost for a replacement of this, so if anyone has done
this replacement, or has suggestions for a "fix" on this, let me know. This is
one thing I can live without fixing if it turns out to be terribly expensive.
> By the way, I ride a '95 and this is the first series of problems I've had
with the bike. (I did lose the automatic petcock about a year ago, but that
wasn't a big deal once the dealer figured out what was going on).
> Thanks, guys.

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