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Trunk latch cable broken(?), Neutral light, Lean angle sensor
Written by alfr4d on 1/4/2011 at 06:45 pm

Hello Mark,
The approach on the closed trunk is pretty much clear, grab what you still can.
Still someone at the Dutch PC800 forum solved the problem by making a hook and
reached the lower latch to pull it open with it. First you remove the passenger
seat, it is attached with the same four bolts as the plastic grips. The upper
latch is now within reach. Study on how it releases and try to do the same with
the hook at the lower one. I have not done it myself but understand that it can
be reached and that it is done.

One member wrote a good article on how to turn the lower attaching point around
so it is not used. This is kept in the files section. Perhaps it will save you
money for the repair of the cable or it will get you back on the road again.

I had some problems with the canceling function also but everything is back to
normal now. Think about the dependence of speed. Diagnosing is difficult. Alfred

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