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Written by revconprince on 1/6/2011 at 06:46 pm

Be very careful about using chemicals on the windshield. The windshield has an
anti-scratch coating laminated over the acrylic. This anti-scratch coating also
protects the windshield from chemicals. Where you can run into a serious problem
is that the coating can deteriorate in the sun and develop small slits in the
coating. This provides a path for chemical intrusion to the acrylic which is
much more fragile than the outer coating. How do I know, I used a chemical
cleaner on my windshield on the Goldwing. Wiped off the front side and it worked
great, cleaned off the junk, including paint over-spray from the previous owner.
This worked so well, Used it on the back side of the windshield. Unfortunately
the backside of the windshield had some slits in the coating. When I hit the
slits with the rag, it took the coating off and melted the windshield into fog.
I was able to recover it by rubbing and buffing compound, but that was a lot of
work and you can still see the edges of the coating as lines in the shield. They
are faint, but still there. Yes, be very careful what you put on your
windshield, as if protective coating is not in perfect condition, you can make
it a lot worse.

--- In, "wiedel57" <wiedel57@...> wrote:
> This is what worked for me on all plastic for my 1989 PC800. I replaced the
windscreen with a taller OE unit from a 98 donor machine. The Windscreen was in
good condition with no cracks or scratches but it was yellowed and just looked
like it needed to be wetsanded and buffed. No time for that. I got out 3M
product #051135-08984 General Purpose Adhesive cleaner that just happened to be
on the shelf. I put a liberal amount on a soft cloth and went over it 3-5 rimes
each time cleaning it dry with a soft towel. After it looked very clear I
applied Turtle Wax protectant for plastic and vinyl. I actually used the cleaner
on my original tail light lenses as they were dull and color fading but this
solved the problem. There has been no fogging of the plastic or windscreen and
the cost was not much at all. That is my story. You may email me for more infor
at electracraft@...
> Mike
> 1989 Honda PC800 "Seattle Pacific"

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